Diabetes cure with Homeopathy


Diabetes is a long term disease. At high levels of blood sugar, priority is to control it. Homeopathy Medicine can reduce sugar level of the body. Another approach is to understand the patient details,create a profile of their physical, mental, social and spiritual parameters, then select constitutional medicine. Doctor has to take decision depending on patient’s general health, progress of disease and complications.

Diabetes is metabolic disorder in which our body’s use of food for production of energy is affected. There are two types of Diabetes, type I occurs when pancreas produce very low or no insulin at all. Approx. 10 percent of people have diabetes and mostly in children and young people. Type II occurs when body cannot produce insulin in enough or body cannot use it effectively. 90 percentage of people suffer from this type of diabetes.

During treatment of diabetes, conventional medicine often uses insulin.Homeopathy Medicines play big role in the treatment of diabetes. Homeopathy mainly concentrate on functioning of the pancreas in efficient insulin production. homeopathy helps stimulate the body’s self-healing powers in order to prevent complications such as open leg sores and other dysfunctions of the blood vessel, loss of vision, kidney failure.

healthgini.com provides a dedicated way of keeping track of a patients blood Sugar levels.   The patient can put their sugar levels for each part of the day and get a comprehensive graphical report. The patients can avail an appointment from the experienced team of doctors at healthgini.com to take control over this disease.

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