Homeopathy Treatment for Headache & Migraine


Headache is a very common symptom in human body. Headache can be a symptom for serious problems, such as meningitis, brain tumor, hemorrhage and dangerously-high blood pressure. Some other common causes may include food sensitivities, environmental allergies, stress, nutritional deficiencies and muscular tension. : Most headaches are either due to strain on the muscles in the neck or head or less circulation of blood supply in the neck and head. In the migraine headache, there is a pulsating pain on one side of the head and it continues from 4 to 22 hours.

Treatment of Headache in Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms. It is safe and free of side effects. There are hundreds of medicines used in the treatment of head pain.However, Homepathy doctors advice medicines matching with the description of the headache.

Following are some of the Homeopathy medicines prescribed by doctors based on the symptoms of headaches:

  • Bellad onna 200C: An excellent medicine for headaches that comes on suddenly, either in the forehead or back of neck/head. The Migraine is violent, throbbing and intense with burning heat. Glonoine is the only medicine having throbbing as characteristic as Belladonna. But Glonoine does not give a long lasting effect like Belladonna.
  • Natrum muriaticum: When experiencing a headache that can be resolved with Natrum muriaticum, you may feel pressure on the eyes, making it hard to open the eyelids.You might describe the headache as bursting, throbbing, pressing or tearing. The Migraine and headache worsens with high motion, laughter and noise. Your mouth become dry and you crave cold drinks.
  • Nux vomica: When headache start by overeating, hangovers, coffee, inactivity or lack of sleep then Nux Vomica is the solution to your headache. Constipation often accompanies the headache. You will feel better by covering yourself and lying down.
  • Sanguinaria: When headache is triggered in the right side then,Sanguinaria is the best solution. Headache is associated with vomiting and nausea, sleep will seem like the only relief. The headache is often right sided and it can be accompanied by other right sided symptoms, such as neck and shoulder pain. Sanguinaria is more useful in the gastric form of headache.
  • Bryonia: When the headache begins with intense and sharp in the back of the neck and it moves to the front of the head, remaining over the forehead and eyes. Head feels like it is splitting or bursting, it’s very sore to move and eye feel painful. It can occur with liver dysfunction or indigestion.

Headache or Migraine can affect your day and your ability to function. There are so many natural health solutions that can easily implemented to treat the head pain. Homeopathy is great for the treatment because it can give life long relief and resolve pain from the root. Advantages of Homeopathy Medicine are that it can be used as prophylactic as it works by triggering the body’s healing mechanism and stepping up the immune system. Healthgini could help to prevent the onset of headache or migraine .


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